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Opus 2 Profile-Judge, Jury, & Executioner (1999)

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by NickAA No Comments

Opus 2 Profile: Judge, Jury, and Executioner  for female voice & chamber orchestra

This piece was my professional debut as a composer. Shortly after graduating from the College of St. Rose I received my first commission from conductor David Alan Miller. David asked me to compose a piece for the Albany Symphony’s chamber ensemble Dogs of Desire. This is a great ensemble that continues to champion works of young composers. In my opinion the experience I received was far greater than the piece I created. I wrote the text for the piece, a task that I have not done since.That set the tone for a mediocre piece at best. As I stated earlier the experience I had interacting with the musicians, meeting fellow composers, and going through the rehearsal process was invaluable.

Next Profile will feature Autumn In Old Forge and pianist Justin Kolb.

Opus Profile-String Quartet no.1 (1996)

Posted on: June 17th, 2012 by NickAA 9 Comments

During windows of free time I find myself attempting to organizing older pieces and trying to catalog them. I thought I would combine this process with blog postings and discuss, in depth, the compositional process for each piece. So begins my Opus Profile. I will start with my second student piece, String Quartet no. 1. My first student piece was a dismal setting of the Requiem Mass, the instrumentation I fail to remember. However the String Quartet no. 1 was more successful and I consider it part of my catalog. The piece is written in three movements and was intended to accompany a solo dancer. The piece was premiered in this manner at the College of St. Rose in 1996 with the title The Observer. The concept for the piece was quite simple, the cycle of life. I will discuss the specifics of the compositional process later, when I talk about the revision of this piece from 1999. String Quartet no.1 (1st movement excerpt)

Ascioti Joins PARMA Recording Project

Posted on: March 25th, 2012 by NickAA 4 Comments

I am pleased to be one of five composers featured for PARMA’s upcoming Cello Compilation CD. The CD will feature internationally acclaimed cellist Ovidiu Marinescu. In addition to being a cello soloist, Mr. Marinescu is also a respected conductor and composer. More information about him can be found at For my part, Adirondack Meditation for violin, cello, and piano will be recorded. This piece is one of three movements that belong to my Adirondack Suite. The entire Suite, was premiered locally in 2010 by the Musicians of Ma’alwyck and has received several performances by the Society For New Music. The recording will commence this summer and I will document the process on future blogs.